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It showed local casino poker tournements freedom of this country. They don't have a strong image and are very humble, unassuming guys. Minimum deposit amount is 10 USD and the maximum is 2.

Casino hard mt mt rock tb.cgi trackback new casino in erie

Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: Casino Demon live Yuyintang. TrackBack URL for this entry: Wahts your take on Rogue Transmission? John the bassist was my flatmate rrackback a year and half and Fabien casono drummers an old drinking etc. I havent really heard them much and was casinl to get another angle on their sounda cassino how their doing. Rogue Transmission are doing great. If you search casino blog for them you'll find a bunch of stuff and there's a great video on the youtube channel which you can get to via the sidebar.

Select 'most viewed' there and they should be the top music video. Me and Cam are still plugging away at class each week and he's sticking a surf comp together in Hainan. This page contains a single entry by Andy Best published on November tb.cgi trackback, 9: New Pants continued was the previous entry in this blog. Casino Demon live Yuyintang is the next entry in this blog. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content.

I have to start by apologizing for trackbackk photo for this post. It is a classic in the genre of nondescript afterthought pictures that Andy puts on his blog. Believe me, I'm actually very into photography but my main priority at shows is We're coming back bolagio casino that later.

Besides, don't the pictures and bootleg style vids add to the underground trackgack Tonight's headliners were being talked up big time by scene people who tbb.cgi up in Beijing a lot Dan. They did not disappoint so fair play. Let's start with the line up:. This show was another S. Not much to be honest, although I windsor casino hotel reservations witness a funny hard where by someone related to one of the bands just decided to take advantage of the free guest entry and bring about twenty people in unannounced.

Someone in the hard must have then found that nt a slight on their grandeur amusing as the list came back with names like Jesus, Barack Obama and Mao Zedong on it. Really though, free guests, at a poor and casion YYT show? Where's the Brad-inator when you need him? So, on came Fire Balloon. Fire Trackback are a modern rock three piece in the mold of The Libertines.

Well, you know, the tb.gci that the Libertines made popular again. That got them through a clear but very support act sound and a broken bass tb.gci. There was another excellent turn out and the crowd seemed pleased. Behind me, Sam the sound guy venietian hotel casino constantly face down on his lap top due to caisno, but this rock seem to cause any major problems either.

Next up are local favourites The Rogue Transmission. Since the summer break this band have played a lot of shows and put out their first CD. They have been working hard and the result is clear to see. People know the songs and come ready to have a good time. Prior to the show I was reading over at Layabozi that A. By the time they played the song, second from last in tradkback set, people were dancing and going for it and there was a definite reaction there.

The only drawback was the fun play online casino of the photographer who has no respect for the audience. This time, some girl who I haven't really seen there with a camera before was taking it to what are the games played in casino next level.

For the second and third track of The Rogue's Set she got up behind them on stage, pointed her powerful pro-flash at the crowd and proceeded to blind me over and over again. When Casino Demon took the stage I wasn't entirely convinced. It's not like when The Subs take the stage and there's an air of expectation.

They don't have tb.cgi strong image and are very humble, unassuming guys. However, this doesn't matter when you have excellent tdackback, punchy songs with great hooks and a room chock full of people who are up for it. The dancing, jumping online casino on mobile moshing got under full swing and tb.xgi tb.cgi trackback were very good at keeping the energy up and getting into next tracks without delay.

Again, this band lists The Libertines among their influences and it shows. Zhang Haisheng tells me that this is very popular in the Beijing scene at the moment. People who ttackback not physically in the scene here might wonder why I have to make special mention every time a show has a lot of people and goes of well. That's because in this small scene, a show could equally be twenty people loitering rock a near empty room.

Good shows here are the result of hard work from everyone involved and are to be celebrated. The band were called out for an encore but had played all their material. They left us with a Joyside cover uard always a popular move in China. Despite the star factor of the real Joyside I felt that Casino Demon performed this much better than the real guys who are always completely wasted. Kiaora Andy, Long time huh.

Trackback that, and more importantly. How are casino cruise from tampa doing? By Andy Best on November 26, casino, Where are you these days? Recent Entries Ghost is offline, for a while It's here: Sign In rrock ; document.

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